Baby RP Starters!

"I've looked up things about your symptoms.. Are you pregnant?"
"You.. You're pregnant?!"
"I'm gonna be a dad.. I'm going to be a dad!"
"I would never leave you.. I'm so excited for this baby."
"As the aunt/uncle of this baby, it is my right to spoil it."
"___ You two are not ready to have a baby, I can't believe it."
"Who's the spawn of satan? You are!"
"Either that was a really bad cramp, or I'm having contractions."
"Don't be mad at me but... I think I might be pregnant.."
"You know how you said you've always wanted a family? Well.. now we have that chance. I'm pregnant!"
"The protection didn't work, okay?! Now we're having a baby!"
"We.. We can't have a baby! Are you kidding me?!"
"Look at him/her.. She's perfect."
"If that stupid doctor tells me one more hour, i'm going to kill them!"
"Well I think you just broke my hand.."
"I lost the baby."
"We.. We lost the baby?"
"He left me when I told him..."
"What about adoption?"
"I went to the doctor.. and... well.. I don't know how to say this.."
"That one night stand was the biggest mistake of our lives.."
"I'm pregnant and I have no idea who the father is."
"I'm scared, ____! I don't know how to raise a baby!"
"What if they don't want the baby, and leave me?"
"The baby kicked!"
"It's really hard to cuddle with you when i'm this fat.."
"I'm so helpless and fat, I hate being pregnant."
"For the last time, you're not fat. You're pregnant."
"I hate you for doing this to me.."
"You're in labor?!"
"You alright? Is something wrong with the baby?"
"Shit.. hospital.. hospital now..!"
"It's a boy/girl."
"I want to name them ______"

Finding an RP partner who runs with your batshit crazy ideas is like finding the holy grail.



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selfless characters loving selfish characters

selfish characters loving selfless characters

me crying in the background

Age Gap AU's →

• We met online, hooked up and it turns out you’re my best friend’s aunt/uncle AU
• You’re my new step parent’s child who is ten years my senior AU
• I’m in desperate need for some cash so I became a sugarbaby AU
• You’re my parent’s boss and I accepted your advances because I didn’t want…

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"Happy Halloween!"


"Okay, but hear me out: we buy the candy, turn all the lights off so it lookslike we’re not home, and then eat all the candy alone in the dark and forget about the trick-or-treaters. And then maybe we make out a little, too; you know, since we’ll be alone in the dark and everything anyway.”

"Loki , that would be rude " Leela tutted playfully as she leaned in to place a chaste kiss on the tip of Loki’s nose. "Imagine all those little kids faces when they don’t get any sweets" the woman proceed to pout childishly at her partner as she straddled the goddess , hoping that it would make her more compliant .

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"Well they don’t think that it’s multiples again but they’re still a little skeptical about nine months " Leela replied as honestly as she could .

"We will just have to take what we’ve got and hope everything works out."…

Stroking her cheek, Loki spoke softly. “Perhaps we should hold off on telling them. It would be terrible if we had to tell them that they won’t if something happens.”

Leela sighed softly before pulling her husband close in a tight embrace with a soft smile . “I’m so happy” Leela hummed against her husband’s chest.

"Me too my love." Loki smiled stroking his wife’s hair. "Was that all you had to tell me darling? I have a meeting to get back to."

"I am your pregnant wife , I am the most important thing in your at the moment" Leela replied in a certainly playful tone as she wrapped her arms around her husband tighter .

What do you think it would take to CORRUPT my character?

Or if my character is a villain, what do you think it would take to REDEEM them?

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{{ leelamarch }}

                            ”May I help you?

{The young girl looked concerned; worried}

"Um , I’m not sure" Leela looked up a bit at the man , her hands were shaking . She felt so cold standing outside in the rain in a shirt that hung over her starved form. It had taken her so long to find a place that may have answers for her yet wouldn’t send her back to the facility and there was a part of her that just wanted to give up looking for it if it wasn’t there.

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"I’m the Alpha, you’re the Omega, I give the orders and you follow them."
“You’re my Omega, and mine alone.”
“As an Alpha, I have the right to claim you, the Omega, and you know that, don’t you?”
“I gotta say, you have a really, really strong scent, even for an Omega.”

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